RPT-mailing list

Date: Tue Jan 28 1997 - 15:52:24 EET

     Dear Sir, Madam,
     At the moment I am doing some research on the application
     possibilities of RPT-techniques for our Deflection Unit Development
     Department. From Mr. Gunnink from TNO in Delft I heard that you have a
     mailing list wherefor I hereby want to subscribe.
     If possible, can you also send me the messages from last month ????
     Thanking you in advance,
     Best regards,
     Marcel Verhoeven
     Ir. Marcel M.A. Verhoeven
     Philips Centre for Manufacturing Technology (CFT)
     Parts Processing / Design for Manufacturing
     P.O. Box 218 / SAQ-p342
     5600 MD Eindhoven
     The Netherlands
     Tel.: +31 40 27 33108
     Fax.: +31 40 27 37012
     e-mail: verhoeven_mma@cft.philips.nl

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