Re: FDM and Issues

From: ralott@CCGATE.HAC.COM
Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 18:11:29 EET

 Elaine (Persall) Hunt wrote:
 We users have always asked 3D for the moon but I have never heard any other
 RP system user publicly ask for anything. Why?
     *** My theories: (1) Although not always responsive to requests and
 suggestions by users, 3D does (or at least did) aggressively solicit such
 requests from users. (2) Other systems have learned from the mistakes 3D
 made in pioneering RP. They read these listings and know in advance what
 the users want and what the shortcomings of the competition are.
The same question was bothering me for long. May be I'll repeat the
unanswered question:
 : What type of problems you face when you produce multiple parts in a
 FDM machine? did anybody tried?
     *** I make multiple part runs all the time on an FDM1650 without
     problem. It took a couple of attempts to learn how to bring in
     multiple files, but that could also have been easily accomplished by
     reading the manual.
     I have been using a SLA250 since 1990. I have also been using a
     Stratasys FDM1650 since the first of the year and am awaiting delivery
     of an 8000. The 1650 is not a bad machine and it builds some very
     durable parts. This is precisely why I chose Stratasys. From an
     operator's viewpoint, however, it is a real joy to build parts without
     having to deal with wet parts, solvents, hazardous waste, etc. etc..
     No one is totally satisfied with everything, and no one can please
     everyone. Stratasys could benefit from the same types of things users
     of other systems ask for and third party vendors profit from -- like
     software that makes it easy to position parts within the build
     envelope. Can't any of these manufacturers come up with a click and
     drag positioner?
     Rick Lott
     Hughes Space Communications
     Los Angeles

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