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Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 01:04:05 EET

See comments on your first question

At 11:22 AM 1/27/97 -0500, Elaine Persall wrote:
>Technical questions of the week:
>How does the world handle getting an RP system to start up about 2am while
>you are home tucked into bed?

Depending on exactly what is required when starting up, here are some ideas
that might work:

-Remote login, using a product like Reachout from STAC. This would require
you to wake up and do it from home. PC/Windows

-If the computer controlling the process has a way of responding to commands
in a script, you might be able to program a script that automatically gets
executed at your specified time.

-If there are switches/other actions that are not fully controlled via the
computer, there might be the possibility of using X10 (one way comm.) or
LonWORKS (two way comm.) technology to let a macro script control electrical
switches through communication via the electrical building wiring. For more
info, turn to Echelon's web site,, and, and www.

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