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Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 16:47:30 EET

Mr. Bhatt answered:
> 1. We often produce multiple parts in our FDM1600 machine:
> It's done as follows:
> -Making mutiple parts in an FDM machine is done by importing the slice files
> one by one. Before doing this you've processed these slice files
> seperately.

 I think you can do it only if the slices are at the same interwal. Isn't
 it. And you can not do any other transformation once you put it into.

> -Because the software is user-friendly, all these actions don't give us any problems.

Which software you are talking of? Is it QuickSlice? Well don't you
think we deserve better flexibility?

The first remark:
Yes, I forgot to mention that merged files should have the same slice
thickness. I think it's because most of the time we use the same
slice thickness for smaller models. For bigger models we sometimes
choose a bigger slice but these models mostly fill up most of the
building space, so there's no merging involved.
What are the possisilities on this subject for other techniques ??

The second remark:
Yes it is Quikslice,
I think it's one of the most user friendly interface I have worked
with . You can prepare your files easy without the need of other programs. What
kind of flexibility do you want ?

Greetings from Holland,

Fellow Stratasys users join in the FDM discussion, lets show that whe're
really there.
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