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From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 16:42:13 EET

Some of the technical discussions are teaching me alot about other RP
systems and their operations. What does this mean for the future.....When
considering a purchase I will be prepared for reality and not have the
disappointment of wrong expectations. I firmly believe that wrong
expectations by users have hurt the growth of the RP industry. I would
rather be prepared to overcome some technical delay.....than a false
belief, concern or expectation (mine or someone elses).

Since we all want speed...... how do other system's speed compare when you
do multiple copies of same part? Different parts same build? Do these
times compare if you have to do " oneses" builds?
I guess I am wondering just what the time overhead is for each system's
build process parameters. And how much pre-processing time is taken to
prepare the machine and data for building?

Could this group build the same widget on different systems and then
publish the "agreed on data" to this listing?

Still searching for that pushbutton.....

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