Re: Technical questions of the week

From: Peter Seidel (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 20:11:59 EET

>Depending on exactly what is required when starting up, here are some ideas
>that might work:
>-Remote login, using a product like Reachout from STAC. This would require
>you to wake up and do it from home. PC/Windows
>-If the computer controlling the process has a way of responding to commands
>in a script, you might be able to program a script that automatically gets
>executed at your specified time.
>-If there are switches/other actions that are not fully controlled via the
>computer, there might be the possibility of using X10 (one way comm.) or
>LonWORKS (two way comm.) technology to let a macro script control electrical
>switches through communication via the electrical building wiring. For more
>info, turn to Echelon's web site,, and, and www.

It is not a problem to automate the execution of scripts or to login from home
via X Emulation or some sort. What you need is
a fabricator which after making a part is able to initialize itself (removing
the part, cleaning, etc.) I am not sure if one off the fabricators out there
got so far. By the way, same feedback (life camera) would be nice.

Some comments?

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