Re: color, current demand vs. ultra customization

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 19:51:00 EET

>> The promise of this technology to this culture is ultra customization not
>> "current demand".

> Oooh! I like that. But let me suggest a bit different terminology.
> (Would anyone accuse me of paying too much attention to terminology? :) )
> "Customization" means taking a product that is mass produced and tweaking
> it to allow the customer some meager variation in it. The real potential
> available from fabricators (over the long term, not in the next few years)

> is to throw out the templates for the mass products and start over again
> for each customer from ground zero.

While this all sounds good - I wonder how much of the public would choose
to take the time to really decide what they want - and then go through the
grief of ensuring that they get it? For example even though you can get
a custom built home - I would bet the majority of homes built today are
of the "off the shelf" variety. Although most of us in the RP list would
to obtain some level of customization - I think that a majority of the
would not.

Just my opinion...

Todd Stahlhut

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