Re: technical comments

Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 01:13:52 EET

Honestly, I don't believe that you would be able to obtain totally accurate
information, free of opinions and philosophies, from most sources due to the
unique perspectives of each person involved in rp. We can agree on many
basic aspects of each rp method and technology and the associated strengths
and weaknesses, but most views will be at least a little skewed, favoring
one's preferences.

I believe your best bet is to find some information from sources which do not
have an inherent reason (unintentional or intentional) to be a shade biased
toward or against an rp method. Those who utilize, or have utilized,
multiple methods of rp will have good insight on your issues. I do believe
that some generalized data could be compiled as "fact", and may already be
available. I too would like a comprehensive comparison of the different rp
methods and their strengths and weaknesses that was compiled and produced by
an unbiased source.

As for making one part and having a "competition" to see who is best, again,
you will have differing results, and opinions, as well as the fact that many
factors such as tolerances, economics and the desired end product(s) are key
Because of the many variables, I believe that you would have to take it on a
case by case basis.

Ultimately, it has to be determined just exactly what niche(s) you want to
fill in the vast rp marketplace and how much you are willing to invest.

Good luck in your search.

Ron Clemons
Dir. of Marketing
Harvest Technologies
(817) 899-0481

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