Staying on Topic

From: Horenstein Yakov (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 12:38:10 EET

Boy, I really dislike the intellectual cops who seem to be patroling this
particular stretch of cyberhighway. If someone strays out of his lane once
in a while no one else is going to get hurt, maimed or otherwise. Most of
us feel a certain responsibility to stay on-topic most of the time, and I
don't think our self-styled cops need to remind us all every time an
off-topic message is sent to the list. Apart from publicly embarrassing
those who may have sent them, such sentiments represent a blinkered
approach to our technology. Without going into it (which would REALLY be
off-topic), nothing exists in a vacuum, and you can find inspiration

I was the 34th subscriber to this mailing list back in 1994, and since then
I have gotten to know personally many of the people who contribute here.
I'm interested in what they say, and am willing to put up with occasional
remarks, jokes, or good conversation whatever the topic, provided they are

On the other hand, I would criticize all those who send unreadable
attachments with their mailing-list messages. Trying to open them is far
more a waste of time than someone's occasional off-topic observations.

By the way, I regularly get 100+ messages a day. Many go straight to the
trash unread.

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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