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From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 14:14:00 EET

Gary Wrote...

>Dear Elaine,

>Yes, your 'Top 12' were very amusing, but I wonder if a
> topic-specific list such as this is the appropriate forum
>for sharing jokes. I'm sure that many readers of this list
> get over 100 eMails per day and would like to keep things
> brief. Please, lets stick to the topic and share non-rp issues
> via direct eMail, not via the forum.

I fail to see how the occasional "human" touch to a technical
discussion, especially a joke that is technical in nature, hurts
anything. Elaine has done more for this group, and also for
the SLA user community, then most others combined. I for
one like the occasional inputs such as this last one and fail to
see the harm one. When you can no longer enjoy some humor
in your job - I think it will get boring very quickly. Lighten up!

Elaine - Please keep up the good work....

Regards, Todd Stahlhut

P.S. Don't you have a "DELETE" key on you mail reader - If you
         don't want to read it - Don't

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