Re: Vaccum casting with transparent resin.

From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 19:45:06 EET

Yannick SEELEUTHNER wrote:
> I am looking for transparent resin that can be used in vaccum casting.
> I want to cast parts that will be not so far from PMMA injection part.
> It will be great if some readers of this mail could sent me some references and
> the adress of potential provider (especially in europe).
> If someone has some tips for such work ?
> Many thanks
> Yannick Seeleuthner

Dear Yannick:

An Italian company CAMATTINI, spa, (in association with Shell Group)
produces high quality transparent resin for vacuum casting & pneumatic
injection. This product is called: PC2000. It has a de-mold time of
40-60 minutes, shore hardness of D 78-82, and excellent optical clarity.

We sell this and other CAMATTINI products in North America. In Europe,
your may contact the factory directly at: +39-521-304711 (tel),
+39-521-804410 (fax), or their agent in France, Multistation, SA at:
+33-2-99-16-35-35 (tel), +33-2-99-46-41-41 (fax)

Michael Tsenter

CAMATTINI - North America
a division of NEST Technologies
3849 Ridgemoor Drive
Studio City, California 91604

Tel: 818-761-6500 Fax: 818-761-6116 e-mail:

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