From: David J. Hodder (
Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 03:32:10 EET

Re the criticisms of the publishing of Elaine's Top12 ( which
we, in the Rapid Prototyping Center here at Boeing Defense &
Space, found appropriate and vicariously perceptive.... ) -
what's next? Would you object to newspapers regularly
publishing 'Dilbert' because a lot of readers may work for big
business? Lighten up - there's room for slices of humor in
every walk of life, and it is particularly important in any working
environment. Most practitioners of RP and associated tech
activities are not even latent stuffed-shirt types. It goes with the
territory that we are not yardsticks for the average bear. A day
without a good laugh here is a day without sunshine - we're
used to a lot of both in S.E. PA. It is further our consensus that
anyone who gets 100 plus e-mails per day should seriously
think about purging their subscription list, freeing up more
mindspace for fun.
Here's to more stress relief ------- Cheers.
David StJ Hodder RPC BD&SG Philadelphia PA

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