Skull Model Update

From: Steve Deak (
Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 01:54:03 EET

Just a brief note to bring interested parties up-to-date on the skull
medical model.

CT images were delivered to Jim Rollins at Scientific Measurements
Systems (Austin, TX, USA)last week. Due to data compatibility problems,
Jim forwarded the data to Marc McAllister (a trained radiologist) at
Cyberform (Richardson, TX, USA). Cyberform transformed the CT images to
STL format.

Hasbro received the data by 4mm DAT tape this morning and started SL
model build (about 90 minutes ago). The model will be cleaned-up this
weekend and forwarded to the family for a Monday 2/3/97 consultation with
the surgeon. As noted earlier, the reconstructive surgery is scheduled
for 2/11/97.

Many thanks to to those who have assisted and offered encouragement for
this project. We will forward addition information if/when it develops.

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