FW: Top12--Technical Support

From: Kamesh Tata (ktata@proex.com)
Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 00:06:49 EET

Gary wrote:
Yes, your 'Top 12' were very amusing, but I wonder if a topic-specific list
such as this is the appropriate forum for sharing jokes. I'm sure that many
readers of this list get over 100 eMails per day and would like to keep
things brief. Please, lets stick to the topic and share non-rp issues via
direct eMail, not via the forum.

In response Al Hastbacka wrote:

>>>>>>Don't let the few jerks on this list get you down....

I read Gary's mail a couple of times. He was neither rude nor impolite in expressing his view. Moreover, he wrote, "Yes, your 'Top 12' were very amusing.." clearly indicating he enjoyed Elaine's humor. It is completely inappropriate to imply that Gary or anyone who comes up with criticism, however unpleasant it might be, is a jerk.

For those who think I am taking sides, I was a Clemson graduate and I am where I am because of Elaine.

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