Medical Applications in Finland

From: Andre Dolenc (
Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 08:53:41 EET

Hello medical afficionados!

This is a short note concerning the use of RPT in connection with
surgery planning in Finland.

During the period 1994-1995 the Helsinki University of Technology
cooperated with the Dep. of Maxillofacial Surgery of the Helsinki Hospital
to investigate the benefits of RP models for complex surgery planning, eg.
facial reconstructions.

The results were *very* positive. I am happy to learn recently that the
technique is now used on a regular basis, ie. about once a month;
fortunately, it is not needed more often!

Models are delivered 4-5 days from the moment the patient is scanned.
The patient is scanned in Helsinki and the models are produced in
Oulu, several hundreds of km's away. Therefore, they can even apply
the technique for patients in transit.

I can give a name if anyome wants more information. Perhaps they have
published some material (in English) on the subject.

(PS: We started knocking on their door late 1992. It took one year to get
their attention and their commitment. But, believe me, it was worth the

Have a nice day!

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