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Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 17:45:04 EET

> I would like very much to get a hold of any data published as a result
> of this project. A few questions: 1) were you paid for the models
> produced?, 2) what were the types of cases you saw the models being used
> for?, 3) did you address accuracy in the preparation of producing
> anatomical models?

1. The Institute in Oulu which operates the equipment (an SLA250)
   made the models and, yes, they were paid market prices. Finland operates
   in a different way from most other countries due to the social security
   system in vigor today.

   The Helsinki University Hospital is not a private organization. The
   surgeon is free to charge the patient anything he wants: the state
   will pay the bill. Well, almost anything he wants. He cannot buy
   a product which is of general use to the Hospital, but only items
   that are particular to a patient.

   Consequently, if a surgeon believes a physical model is essential
   to the well-being of a patient (eg., it can reduce risks and/or costs),
   a model is made.

2. As far as I know, those recuperating from cancer, accidents and birth

3. The Hospital did some accuracy analysis and they are satisfied.

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