Re: benchmarking

Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 18:39:27 EET

Benchmarking is a great concept, but would be done with un-constant variables
and would not always yield accurate data. Each rp method/technology is
better suited to certain material(s)--that can be controlled. However, the
engineers and technicians which produce the parts and products are
un-controlled variables because of their different levels of skill and
artistry. Speaking for my company, I would have no one other than our
engineers and techs making parts in a benchmarking exercise because of their
levels of expertise.

Reiterating my earlier statement, I believe that general comparisons are
useful and insightful, but cannot always be accurate. We are able to do some
small sized, small tolerance parts in SLS that may not be duplicated by
others because of the knowledge and expertise of our personnel. I'm not sure
that I could count on another representative of SLS technology to do as good
of a job in establishing a benchmark.

My intentions are not to use this topic as a brag session on our company, but
to make a point about being cautious in comparing the values and capabilities
of the different rp methods. Each technology has is niche(s) and its
advocates. Besides, quoting Babe Ruth, "it ain't braggin' if you can do it."

Please, if you must flame, flame with dignity. Thanks.

Ron Clemons
Dir. of Marketing
Harvest Technologies
Temple, TX

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