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From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 19:52:32 EET


Playing with your words.... I really said..........

"""""""Benchmarking is a great concept, but would not always yield
accurate data. Each rp method/technology is artistry. Speaking for my
company, I would have no one other than our engineers and techs making
small sized, small tolerance parts in SLS that may not be duplicated by
another representative using SLS technology to do a good of job in
establishing a benchmark.""""""""""""

My very reason for wanting a user friendlier system.....Black magic always
requires an expert or a consultant and higher costs. Until a personal
fabricator interface is developed RP will remain the domain of the few.
Maybe what we need is a user interface that is completely separate from
the actual process.....then many users can feed the system while it exist
in a production environment. Here workers would just load and unload the
machine... But then the magic is gone and it becomes work.


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