Skull Model Update 2/3/97

From: Steve Deak (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1997 - 19:08:09 EET

A further update for those interested in the skull medical model:

Hasbro's SL build of the skull was complete Friday night 1/31. The model
was post-processed (support removal, resin stripping, and post curing)
Saturday 2/1/97. The model was shipped via commercial airline 2/2/97
direct to the family for a 2/3/97 (today) consultation with the surgeon.
STL file data was also sent over the weekend to Kevin Robertson at Arrk
Creative Network (San Diego, CA, USA) for a second skull model. Kevin
offered his company's services to provide validation to the first model.
 Arrk's skull model will be delivered to the surgeon by way of Marc
McAllister at Cyberform (Dallas, TX, USA). Mark McAllister is a trained
radiologist and will verify the model agrees with the original CT images.
 The first model would have been routed through Cyberform for validation,
but timing would not allow.

Many thanks to Arrk for coordinating CT image translation between
Scientific Measurements and Cyberform. The schedule could not have come
off without Kevin's help. Thanks again to Jim Rollins (Scientific
Measurements), Marc Mc Allister (Cyberform) and Lynda Hurley
(Lockheed-Martin)for their work on this project. We made a difference in
one person's life today!

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