Re: Vacuum-casting machines ?

From: Horenstein Yakov (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1997 - 18:59:41 EET

>> Mats Johansson wrote:
>> >Can anyone help me to find (European) manufacturers of Vacuum-castings
>> >Machines ?
>> >Please send Your answer to rp-ml

>> >Horenstein Yakov wrote:
>> Please DON'T send your answers to rp-ml, but privately.

David Retallick wrote:
>Yakow, why not? If Mats is mailed privately, then I still donĄt know who
>sells vac-cast m/cĄs in europe.WhatĄs the point of this mailing list if we
>donĄt hear the
>answers to such questions?

I'm all for informative advertising, David, but I don't like nag-mail. If
you've only been following the postings to this list for a month, more for
us old-timers, you'll have noticed the same message repeated ad nauseam
from the US representative of the Camattini vacuum casting system from
Italy. Since this company's only contribution to rp-ml is to advertise its
products, I was hoping a little hint might spare us a repetition. I'm sorry
to see that it didn't.

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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