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Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 00:36:30 EET

     A little more information about Z Corp & their RP system.
     They are the "exclusive commercial licensee of MIT's 3DP process for
     all fields involving appearance models". They are concentrating on
     producing parts as fast as possible; for example, they built an engine
     block 7"x6.7"x4.6" in under four hours.
     The build material is starch based (supposedly you could eat it). The
     parts are typically then infiltrated with wax or a 2 part epoxy. We
     have a couple parts in house - the wax finish is extremely good and
     can be burnished.
     Jay Jacobs
     Brookfield Rapid Solutions
     (603) 577-9970
     "Prototyping on Fast-Forward"

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Subject: Re: 3D Printing
Author: Steve Deak <> at INTERNET
Date: 2/3/97 9:42 AM wrote:
> Hi RP-World,
> Did any body here anything about coomercial product of 3D Printing from MIT?
> Details about cost etc are welcomed.
> A. D. Bhatt
A. D.:
I have a brochure from Z Corpotation, using the MIT 3D Printing
Technology. You can contact them at:
Z Corporation
35 Medford Street
Suite 213
Somerville, MA 02143 USA
(1+) 617.628.2781
(1+) 617.628.2879 (FAX)
The Z402 system sells for $50K (US) plus $3K for software. I have a
brochure, but have not contacted them for additional info about
materials, etc.
The brochure says :
Work envelope is 8 x 10 x 8.5 (z) inches.
Layer thicknesses .005-.009 inches.
Machine overall measures 27 x 36 x 42 (high) inches.
I'm unsure about materials, but it does not appear the initial machine is
using metal powders.
That's all I know.

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