globe update

From: Jason M. Lichon (103211.654@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 05:39:00 EET


My apologies for not following up sooner. I don't have internet access at work
yet, and I've been trying not to do too much work at home.

Anyway, I received a few leads and two bore fruit. Marshall Burns suggested I
try Viewpoint Datalabs Catalog at (Orem, Utah). They had
several 3D models of varying quality. The prices ranged from $295 to $700.
They will provide the files in almost any format desired.

Aad van der Geest suggested I try This website has many free 3D
studio files available for downloading. There were also several conversion
programs available. The globe file was of pretty decent quality - probably as
good as a some of the cheaper Viewpoint files. The only problem is that you
have to go through the extra hassle of conversion (unless you want a 3DS file,
for some reason). We plan to use the file for window dressing at the upcoming
SME conference/show. We're going to have it on a workstation, spinning around
with a little Yazaki Arrow over all the places we have facilities. We will
probably attempt to build the file on our SLA in the future.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to my query.

Jason Lichon
American Yazaki Corp.

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