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From: Lone Peak Engineering, Inc. (
Date: Thu Feb 06 1997 - 04:17:09 EET

Minnesota Datametrics Inc. and Lone Peak Engineering, Inc. are proud to
announce the formation of a new company, Image3, L.L.C. The principals of
this company are: Dr. Charles Knox, Scott McMillin, and Alair Griffin.

The company will provide services and products in three primary areas:
1. Medical Modeling Software,
2. Medical Model Prototyping Services, and
3. Biocompatible Materials Processing.

Using the Velocity 2.0 package, that is available from Image3, computed
tomography or magnetic resonance data can be directly transported into the
.STL file format required by rapid prototyping systems. Image processing
is accomplished using powerful gray level, algebraic, geometric,
morphological, and masking operations. 3D geometry models are created via
high resolution surface triangulation.

The Image3 Concept presents a streamlined, highly accurate, and integrated
approach to 3D reconstructions. The Velocity 2.0 software, central to the
Image3 Concept, has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the
medical modeling and reverse engineering community. This powerful software
package contains all the tools needed by the design professional to
rapidly generate 3D models for use in diagnostics, rapid prototyping, and
medical device manufacturing.

Attached to this email is a complimentary picture ( in jpeg format) of a
fractured human wrist bone. The raw CT scan data was used in the Velocity
package to produce a 3-D solid Model. An STL file was output from Velocity
and was used to produce the computer rending seen in the attachment.

We would like to voice a special thanks to Gwen Skeen, Curt Griffin, and
Margo Knox for over two years worth of patience and support.

For additional information call 1-800-570-1848


Lone Peak Engineering, Inc.
12660 S. Fort St.
Draper, UT 84020
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