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Date: Thu Feb 06 1997 - 07:07:59 EET

On Wed, 5 Feb 1997 wrote:

> Has anyone ever attempted to install a system or device that monitors
> the operation of an SLA-250 so, in case of a crash or build
> completion, a page is sent to a phone line or a pager? Last weekend I
> experienced two crashes due to a memory address occupied by other
> system drivers.
> One crash was early Saturday morning; the other was Sunday afternoon.
> A lot of build time was wasted because people were not around to check
> on the progress. I removed the culprits and thus far it is OK...
> but it would sure be nice to have a paging system attached to the SLA.
> Can anyone help? Certain NC machine tools have it so it exists
> somewhere
> Thanks
> Andy Messina


Materialise will have its "Rapid Prototyping Web Watch" on display during
the North American Stereolithography User Group meeting in Florida.
It is a web-server which enables you to monitor 8 machines (build
platform + controlcomputer screen). Monitoring is done through a camera
and a screen capture device. The information is then made
available by the server and can be made visible by a web-browser.
Monitoring can be done through the corporate network or through the
internet. The screen capture device works independ from the control
computer it is monitoring (no hardware or device drivers are added to
the control computer).
Remote adjustment of camera's is possible. Several camera options
are available (black&white, color, infrared, remote adjustment).

The server also can call a telephone or pagenumber, or can send a fax
when the build process has completed or failed (if the server is
able to detect failure).

Included also is a blackboard enabling different operators to communicate
and schedule buildplatforms of various machines through the internet.

Mark Bliek

6111 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
phone (313) 662 5057
fax (313) 662 7891

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