Re: Skull Model Update 2/5/97

From: Steve Deak (
Date: Thu Feb 06 1997 - 17:49:50 EET

Kevin Robertson wrote:
> Steve, just to let you know, the skull is currently running and should be
> off the vat and ready to ship on Thursday. Will we be hearing back soon if
> this process was of any benefit? I'm sure anxious to hear that everyones
> efforts were of benefit to the surgical process.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> Kevin:
The skull model was received by the surgeon on Monday 2/3 during a scheduled pre-op
meeting and was to be reviewed with a second surgeon on 2/4. The patient's father
reported the surgeon was very impressed with the model detail. I believe the model gave
the surgeon greater understanding of the CT images for increased confidence in what to
expect during the 12-hour facial reconstruction surgery.

Surgery is scheduled for 2/11/97 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. Your skull model will
provide a validation of the first model, especially since your model will be reviewed by
the radiologist at Cyberform before delivery to the surgical team.

I'll keep everyone informed about their progress.

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