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Date: Thu Feb 06 1997 - 15:21:06 EET

Greetings all,

I just copied this off 3D Systems' website:

3D Systems Announces SLA SmartStart
Aggressively Priced, Entry-level Rapid Prototyping System

VALENCIA, Calif., February 3, 1997 -- 3D Systems Corporation
(NASDAQ-NMS:TDSC) today announced the introduction of its new SLA
SmartStart rapid prototyping system.

Specifically developed to meet the needs of users who seek a cost-effective
start-up rapid prototyping system, the SLA SmartStart is priced at $ 99,000.
SLA SmartStart is a complete rapid prototyping system based on 3D Systems'
well-established stereolithography technology, used in more than 700
installed systems throughout the world. The package features the
SLA-250/30A, and includes resin, platform, software and warranty. The
SLA-250/30A builds parts with exceptional accuracy, surface finish and fine
detail. Its 10-inch-cube build envelope accommodates a wide range of part
building requirements, although smaller parts can be easily joined together
to create prototypes of almost any size.

3D Systems includes with SLA SmartStart its proprietary workstation
software, Maestro/JR ( a combination of PartManager, View, and Z-Slice),
for Silicon Graphics and Hewlett Packard platforms. This provides superior
performance and integration of workstation part preparation functions
because of its simplified graphical interface-Maestro/JR is a seamless,
highly productive bridge from CAD to SLA.

Additionally, the SLA SmartStart package includes CibatoolŽ SL 5170 epoxy
resin, a low viscosity, photocurable liquid that provides high level
accuracy and strong, durable rapid prototyping parts. It is valuable to
form, fit and function studies, assembly verification, photo stress
analysis, Direct AIM for injection molding, and in preparing masters for
secondary tooling applications.

There are several accessories available for users of SLA SmartStart, such as
QuickCast application software, additional platforms, SL Toolkit, PCA-250
post curing apparatus and upgrade kits.

For more info see 3D's website

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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