Re: Remote Alarm for SLA-250

From: Don Wilde (
Date: Thu Feb 06 1997 - 18:46:10 EET

> Materialise will have its "Rapid Prototyping Web Watch" on display during
> the North American Stereolithography User Group meeting in Florida.
> It is a web-server which enables you to monitor 8 machines (build
> platform + controlcomputer screen). Monitoring is done through a camera
> and a screen capture device. The information is then made
> available by the server and can be made visible by a web-browser.
> Monitoring can be done through the corporate network or through the
> internet. The screen capture device works independ from the control
> computer it is monitoring (no hardware or device drivers are added to
> the control computer).
> Remote adjustment of camera's is possible. Several camera options
> are available (black&white, color, infrared, remote adjustment).
> The server also can call a telephone or pagenumber, or can send a fax
> when the build process has completed or failed (if the server is
> able to detect failure).
> Included also is a blackboard enabling different operators to communicate
> and schedule buildplatforms of various machines through the internet.
Very nice. Anyone out there can duplicate this by using CU-SeeMe
software as enhanced by White Pine Software (, I
believe), and a PCI 486 running Linux or FreeBSD, along with a keyboard
/ monitor sniffer from Vectra, and a modem with DTMF-output mode. There
is a substantial amount of integration involved, so I would hesitate to
recommend that anyone else try it. My hat is off to you at Materialise
for having *done* it. Now, let's see you add keyboard _control_
capability and ... and ... let's see, image analysis, and...

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