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From: Bart Swaelens (
Date: Fri Feb 07 1997 - 17:34:59 EET

Dear Rp World,

Materialise is releasing a new version from its Contour Tools :

Contour Tools 3.0 is a software package that does all kinds of manipulations on contours, the basic elements in Rapid Prototyping.

Contour Tools includes STL slicing, fixing of slices, boolean operations on slices, editing, output and conversion to all kinds of formats (SLC, CLI, HPGL,...) etc, etc...

It also includes support generation, directly on the slice files. This is mainly used in medical applications, but has also interesting other applications.

New in this version is the possibility to repeat fixing actions over multiple layers, and three methods of support generation (all starting from contours) :

1. Grid support generation (typically used for Stereolithography)
2. Contour support generation (the contours of the supports are generated, used for instance for FDM)
3. Slice to STL : the slices are converted again to an STL file.
This last option is particularly interesting for CAD systems with a direct slice interface. The slices are usually easier to export than a correct STL file.
The Slice to STL function will convert correct slices to a correct STL file which can be used for support generation on STL level.
The level of detail in the STL file can be chosen.

For more information :

Kapeldreef 60
B 3001 Leuven
tel +32 16 298 364
fax +32 16 298 319


Materialise USA
6111 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
tel 313 662 5057
fax 313 662 7891

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