RP and EDM

From: Lori Hastie (hastlor.SME.oramail@sun1000.sme.org)
Date: Fri Feb 07 1997 - 19:27:56 EET

In our continuing effort to advance rapid prototyping technology throughout the
manufacturing community, the The Rapid Prototyping Association (RPA) and the
Machining Technology Association (MTA) of SME are interested in identifying
the work being done with rapid prototyping patterns for Electrical Discharge
Machining (EDM).

This work will assist RPA and MTA in evaluating and developing articles,
technical papers, presentations, and publications for industry.

If you are doing work in this area, please reply to me with a brief
description of your work and I will followup with you.

Thank you.

Lori Hastie


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