Re: RP and EDM

From: Berndt Holmer (
Date: Sat Feb 08 1997 - 14:17:15 EET

In the end of 1995, a study of industrial needs in conjunction with EDM
electrodes manufactured by Rapid Prototyping technologies was made within
EARP (the European Action on Rapid Prototyping - a research/industry
network). Interviews were made by 8 research institutes with 18 companies in
6 European countries and the results were summarized in the EARP newsletter
no 8, May 1996.

The conclusions were that the potential is definitely there, but that
accuracy and materials need improvement and new methodology must be
developed before a wide use can be expected.

For a copy of the newsletter, fax or mail to Niels Moos, Danish
Technological Institute: +45-89 43 89 89 or
Berndt Holmer
IVF (The Swedish Institute of Production Engineering Research)
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