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From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 15:31:51 EET

>Hello veteran User Group attendees,
>casual affair with the exception of maybe the awards dinner? Or, is this
>"strictly" business - tie and all?

The entire affair is STRICKLY CASUAL..........unless you have a few ties to
I carry BIG scissors.....just ask Clint Atwood.

>Lastly, is there an "official agenda" out yet? The one that I have is
>only a proposed version.

You'll get the final agenda at registration.....or check the front
desk...they may have a few copies. Usually the agenda stays fluid in order
to include as many speakers as possible. There should be plenty of signs
letting you know where events are being held.

For you first prepared to learn lots, share lots, ask
questions and stay up late. This group is absolutely dedicated to 5 days
of SLA fun starting at 7:30am and going until 11:30pm. After seven years
I have yet to not learn some new idea or technique.

See you in sunny Orlando...... Tom promised 80 degree sunshine for the week!!!


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