Re: NASUG Meeting

From: Joe Allison (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 19:03:33 EET

At 10:06 AM 2/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello fellow RPers,
>I have been running our rapid prototyping facility
>for over a year, but just joined this list a few
>weeks ago. I've never heard of NASUG. Is this
>meeting for RP in general, or one specific
>technology? Location sure sounds nice!
>Joe Lynn

Hi Joe,

NASUG stands for North American Stereolithography User Group. It would be
more properly called the 3D Systems North American User Group because it was
formed by and is exclusively for users/owners of 3D Systems equipment.

Anyone who fits this description, and is interested in a registration form,
please email me your name, phone and fax numbers.


Joe Allison
Solid Concepts Inc.
Rapid Prototyping Software and Services
phone: (805) 257-9300
fax: (805) 257-9311

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