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Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 23:02:45 EET

Hello, Todd -
        There is some confusion here. The term '3D Printing' is a trademark of
MIT, and refers to the process of using an ink-jet print head to lay
down colloidal silica on a bed of alumina powder, with the desired end
result being a ceramic matrix which can then be fired and used directly
as a mold for metal casting. This is what we do at Soligen; we have
licensed the MIT patents for this purpose. Our end product is certainly
stronger than either polymer-based technology: our cylinder heads,
manifolds and turbocharger parts are being used in real engines in
NASCAR and in other _real_ applications all over the world. Do you want
iron, aluminum, stainless or super-alloy? We can also generate
tool-steel dies and associated tooling from the same files, too. Doesn't
take much more time than the first articles.
        There is a certain other company in the RP world which has chosen to
attempt to appropriate said trademarked phrase for marketing purposes. I
guess they figure MIT is too busy keeping their heads in the clouds to
sic lawyers on the slime. Certainly we're too busy making parts for
Detroit with our Direct Shell Production Casting technology to bother
with also-rans. Our CEO, Yehoram Uziel will be giving a presentation at
SAE97 in Detroit in the Advanced Technologies seminar on February 24th.
        You can also visit our website at the URl shown below or e-mail us, and
we'll be glad to answer your questions or quote parts for you.

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