Thinning STL files

From: Mark K. Smith (
Date: Tue Feb 11 1997 - 01:43:14 EET


Raindrop Geomagic's Wrap software will have the capability to thin STL
files. The software's core advantage is being able to process arbitrary
point cloud data producing Class A, water-tight STL output. Contact me for
more information.

(217) 239-2551

>I recently received an STL file that was 176 Megabytes long (ASCII) and
>had 626,000 facets. The physical size of this part was a cube with 2 mm
>sides (with lots of detailed internal structure).
>My question is "Has anybody on the list used or created a utility
>program that allows inputting of an STL file and outputting of a thinned
>(reduced number of facets, but still retaining most of the details) STL
>Al Hastbacka

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