Ford 100 day engine

From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Wed Feb 12 1997 - 03:52:24 EET

Is anyone out there familiar with the project referred to as the Ford
100-day engine?

Up to now I think I know the following

- It started around 1993/4 (maybe slightly earlier)
- It used a process of machining large slices of metal and brazing them
together to form an engine block
- the slicing was to allow machining of internal cavities and ease of
modification. The slicing was manually performed on the full 3D CAD model
- it worked sufficiently well to create an engine that ran for 300 or so miles

other than an obscure mention in a web page dating back to 1995 and a vague
memory of having seen something about it in one of the popular engineering
magazines (and a confirmation from Bob Flint that I am not completely losing
my mind) I have no hard reference.

Can anyone tell me if this project is still ongoing and if there is any
definitive reference describing the process? Also, what does the 100 days
include (design, slicing, machining, brazing, testing, modification)?

Thanks in advance

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