Release - AAROFLEX Receives 3D Suit/Denies Allegations

From: K. Kaisha Halcli (
Date: Wed Feb 12 1997 - 19:21:09 EET

For Immediate Release
For Further Information: K. Kaisha Halcli, Vice President
Phone: 703.573.0690
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FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- February 12, 1997 -- AAROFLEX, Inc., its parent company
AAROTECH Laboratories and its founder Albert C. Young, Jr., have each
announced receipt of the complaint filed by 3D Systems, Inc. in the United
States District Court - Central District of California alleging patent
infringement, trade libel and federal and state unfair competition.

The suit alleges infringement of six (6) United States Patents assigned to
3D Systems. These are U.S. Patent Numbers 4,929,402; 5,059,359; 5,137,662;
5,174,931; 5,184,307 and 5,571,471. The suit further alleges AAROFLEX has
misrepresented 3D equipment specifications and quality, and falsely
represented its patent protection. AAROFLEX's Kaisha Halcli states that the
companies and Young each deny the allegations and intend to aggressively
defend their technology, business practices and customers. According to
Young, "AAROFLEX is anxious to bring this issue to a speedy conclusion so
that both companies may return the focus of their energies and resources to
technical enchancement and service to best serve the needs and growth of the
rapid prototyping industry."

AAROFLEX, Inc. is developer and manufacturer of the AAROFLEX Solid Imager™,
a stereolithography-based rapid prototyping system built on the patented
research of the I.E. du Pont de Nemours Company and the further development
and enhancement of AAROFLEX, Inc. Since their commercial introduction in
April 1996, all AAROFLEX Solid Imaging Systems have been offered in
turnkey-packages, including an initial fill of DuPont Somos™ or Allied
Signal Exactomer™ photopolymers and customer-specified ancillary equipment
and software (including Imageware RPM™ and Materialize Rapid Prototyping
Tools). AAROFLEX's unique modular design allows for total
interchangeability of vat sizes and field upgrade or modification from the
smallest 14"³ capacity system with its HeCd laser to the larger 18"³ and
22"³ part capacities with solid state or argon/ion laser systems. For
additional information related to the AAROFLEX equipment or pending
litigation contact AAROFLEX at 703.573.0690.

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