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From: Jeff T. Dark (jtd6087@proplab2.ca.boeing.com)
Date: Thu Feb 13 1997 - 01:22:35 EET

Lynda, I'm sure (almost) all of us attending the NASUG conference next
week would love to see either a copy of the skull or pictures along with
a description of what the surgery hoped to accomplish. I was going to
say before and after photos of the boy but obviously it would be too soon
for that, if possible at all with privacy considerations. Heartwarming

Jeff Dark
Technical Focal, BCAG Rapid Prototyping Center
Boeing Company
P.O. Box 3707 M/S 17-PE
Seattle, WA 98124
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I just received a call from Ed Thoman (Brian's father), the 15 1/2
hour operation yesterday was a complete success. Of course the family
is elated and wishes to express their gratitude to the rp community
for all of their concern and outpouring of help. A special thank you
to Steve Deak (Hasbro Corp), Jim Rollins (SMS), Marc McAlistar & Reed
Williams (Cyberform) and Kevin Robertson (AARK). You all really made
a difference in someone's life yesterday, and I hope to have the
pleasure of meeting you all at the conference next week.

Lynda Hurley
Lockheed Martin
Rapid Prototyping Lab
5600 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, Florida 32819

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