Re: Keltool chase boxes

Date: Thu Feb 13 1997 - 02:05:47 EET

     Go to a moldmaker or a patternmaker that know's mold making. They'll
     be your best friend. Questions you are asking are patternmaking 101.
     This is not intended to offend you but help guide you towards first
     time out success. Unless you are an exployer, I suspect you want
     usable parts in a timely fashion.
     Jim Williams, CEO
     Paramount Industries, Inc.

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Subject: Keltool chase boxes
Author: "Preferred User" <> at INTERNET
Date: 2/10/97 9:54 AM

 Does any one have any suggestions for preferred materials for
Keltool chase boxes? I would assume aluminum, but it might prove costly and
and somewhat difficult to ship to Keltool.
 Also what methods seem to work best for registering the sla master to the
 of the box? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
John Beilman
Design Engineer
Mold Solutions Group
Liberty Precision Industries

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