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Steve_Farentinos wrote:
> Gerald K. Stevenson Sr. wrote:
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> > Point Processing:
> > Data is processed at GKS with three different software packages.
> > Verification of Result:
> > Once the CAD model has been changed the original scan data set can be
> > compared with the updated CAD model to verify continuity through out the
> > measurement process. ( Yes we are measuring !)
> >
> If it's not proprietary information, I'm wondering what are the three
> software packages used for point cloud processing and what software is
> used for verification to the nominal surface model.
> Steve
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We use Surfacer by Imageware for point to surface comparison or
interrogation of large point clouds.    Also it is used for the
registration or alignment of the point cloud to the model.

DataSculpt by Laser Design is used primarily for data merging, blending, smoothing and generation of tool paths. We do not to compare data sets to models. However some analysis can be accomplished using the gouge detection in tool pathing

IPS or Image Points STL editor developed by CGI for their Automatic Cross Sectional Scanner is essential for manipulation of data just off the machine and is capable of creating STL files directly.

We also use another product called CheckMate by Origin which has very good analysis functions such as four types of fitting for small data sets (less than 2500 points). We usually apply this software to CMM data since that is the primary intent.

Pro E has a product called Verify that seems to work OK but I do not have first hand knowledge since we are not Pro E users at this time.

I will tell you none of what we do is automatic yet. That is why I've joined this group to find faster, better more efficient software or methods.

I am looking forward to getting a Beta copy of Geomagic's Geomagic Wrap, for the SGI on or about 4/15/97. We should be able to find it's limitations (if any) in relatively short time. If it can do the five items Mark Smith outlined to me in his letter of 2/11/97.

1) automated surface reconstruction 2) high-quality, water-tight output (no blending or stitching required) 3) ability to accept large data sets and sample them down 4) extensive point editing (erasing, thinning, cropping, and point addition) 5) output smoothing

If it does it well I will be a very happy camper!

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