Keltool, small features & shutoffs

From: John Beilman (
Date: Fri Feb 14 1997 - 03:50:08 EET

Has anyone had any experience with small ribs and
features in a Keltool cavity?

Keltool has told me that a 4:1 ratio of height to width must be
maintained on small features. Does this mean that a standing
rib 6mm wide can only be 25mm high? How small of a rib is

Does Keltool reproduce sharp corners (both internal and external)
or does it add a radius to these features. If so how much?

How well does Keltool shutoff against itself. If I create bypass
shutoffs of 3-5 degrees will this be sufficient?

Appreciate any input and all input on questions above-

John Beilman
Design Engineer
Mold Solutions Group
Liberty Precision Industries Ltd.

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