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<< Subj: Keltool Lead Times
 Date: 97-02-13 20:57:31 EST
 From: (John Beilman)
 To: (rp-ml)
 A question for all the legions of successful Keltool users:
 Keltool states that their "Normal" lead time is 3-4 weeks.
 Has this held true for you?
 Thanks in advance- John
 John Beilman
 Design Engineer
 Mold Solutions Group
 Liberty Precision Industries Ltd. >>

3-4 weeks seems long, we are turning around prototype and production tooling
using conventional machining processes in the same time frame or less. In
many cases only a few days for prototype applications.

What lead time can be expected for expedited projects using the Keltool


Ron Ptaszek
P&R Precision, Inc.
tel: 810-254-6720

Prototype and Production Injection Molds

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