New products at NASUG '97

From: Mark Bliek (
Date: Fri Feb 14 1997 - 18:37:56 EET

Materialise will introduce 3 new products at NASUG '97:

MAGICS RP 4.1 for Windows 95 / NT and Silicon Graphics
- Selection of STL files with preview
- Easy build setup with automatic nesting and interference check
- Build time estimation for both laser and non-laser based systems
- Boolean operations
- Cutting tools
- Powerful fixing tools for STL files
- Compensation for print-through
- VRML support
Demo's of the software will be given during the conference.

RPWW - Webserver for Rapid Prototyping Equipment
Part building can be observed through the Internet from the conference at
Plynetics Express, Schaumburg and Materialise Belgium.

ZENECA's fast and colorable acrylic resin for medical modeling will be
officially released.

See you at he conference,

Mark Bliek
Materialise USA
phone (313) 662 5057
fax (313) 662 7891

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