STTR Partner Wanted

From: Mats Jansson (
Date: Fri Feb 14 1997 - 20:50:47 EET

We are in pursuit of a partner from a "Research Institution" (RI) to
apply for a federal STTR grant relating to large scale RP methods.

I have attached the description of what an RI has to be.

The research involves extensions of our proprietary technology,
Topographic Shell Fabrication (TSF), and is for the purpose of
finding cheaper and faster ways of making composite tooling for
air craft.

If you are interested, visit our web site at

and then contact me at

>To apply for a STTR, there must be a viable partnership between a small
>business and a research institution (RI) A RI includes the following:
>-a university
>-a non-profit institution
>-a contractor-operated federally funded research and development
>Each company/research institution submitting a phase I proposal must
>complete a Company Commercialization Report--a simplified listing of the
>commercialization status of the company's prior phase II STTR or SBIR
>efforts. To ensure that STRR participants have viable partnerships, each
>participant must certify that at the time of STTR award, the small
>business concern will have at least one employee in the management
>position whose primary employment is with the small business and who
>is not also employed by the research institution.
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