From: William LeBlanc (leblanw@Umoncton.CA)
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 11:54:17 EET

In the 3D Systems Resin Safety & Handling guide there is a section
(page 11) that describes the Handling of Cured Parts.

3D mentions "If the parts are not completely cured, low levels of
volatile compounds may remain. If these compounds volatize in an area
with poor ventilation, irratating airborne contaminate levels could

Green parts that come out of the SLA are not completely cured. With
different build styles and resins out there some parts are cured more
than others, thus the levels of volatile compound may vary. In some
cases uncured material is cured in the PCA for future disposal, thus
a greater need of ventilation.

In general any chemical may exert harmful effects if it enters the
body in sufficient quantities. Basically it is just good health and
safety management to vent the PCA to keep the working environment as
healthy as possible.

As for the SLA chamber there is a charcoal filter, that should be
replaced periodically, that filters the air inside the chamber. It is
also a good idea to have good ventilation above the door of the SLA
to minimise the amount of volatile compound when the door is opened.


William LeBlanc, ing.

Concept + Inc.
Eastern Canada

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