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Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 19:15:13 EET

wrana jeffrey scott wrote:
> RP'ers:
> I was wanting to build some small parts on an SLA-250 without the use of the
> wiper arm. However, I'm not quite sure how long of a time period to wait
> between the build of each layer. I will be using 5170 epoxy resin.
> Does anybody know how long of a time period to wait after the build
> platform has lowered into the vat before the next layer is built to
> insure the liquid level is at steady state (without the use of the wiper arm)?
> If someone has tried it, how were your results?
> Any comments would be useful.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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> Jeffrey S. Wrana
> Graduate Student
> Dept of Bioengineering
> Clemson University
> Clemson, SC 29634
Hi Jeff,
Your question is a good one without any single answer. The layer wait
time is related to the part geometry. For instance support time will
very quick while parts with large flat areas will be very long. In the
beta days before the wiper blade was added we typically waited up to 10
minutes per layer on moderately large flat areas. The safest way would
be to set up a build and pause it when you get to this trouble area
timing the seconds until you feel its ready to continue. Its a good
exercise and it'll make you appreciate your recoater more. By the way
the folks from Clemson have displayed some nice work here at the NASUG
conference in Orlando.



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