BPM and Genisys

Date: Thu Feb 20 1997 - 12:44:35 EET

     Dear RP-ers,
     For a comparison of different RPT techniques with respect to the
     prototyping of plastic Deflection Unit parts (TV and Monitor tubes),
     we already have parts manufactured by SLS, SL, FDM, Sanders, LOM and
     Can anyone tell me if and where I can order parts manufactured by
     Ballistic Particle Manufacturing and/or the Genisys from Statasys?
     Any suggestions would be useful,
     Best regards,
     Marcel Vehoeven.
     Ir. Marcel M.A. Verhoeven
     Philips Centre for Manufacturing Technology (CFT)
     Parts Processing / Design for Manufacturing
     P.O. Box 218 / SAQ-p342
     5600 MD Eindhoven
     The Netherlands
     Tel.: +31 40 27 33108
     Fax.: +31 40 27 37012
     e-mail: verhoeven_mma@cft.philips.nl

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