From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (stahlht@indy.navy.mil)
Date: Thu Feb 20 1997 - 14:15:00 EET

Dear RP'rs

I just received a letter from AAROFLEX complaining that
the North American Stereolithography Users Group (NASUG)
refers to itself as it does. The letter suggests that because
stereolithography is used by some to describe RP in general,
that the users group, focused on 3D Systems technology,
 is doing something wrong in using the term. This users
group existed before any of these other processes existed
and has always referred to itself as stereolithography.

Whats next - to suggest that COKE change its name because
many use it to refer to a soda, or Klennex because it is often
used to refer to a tissue.

Give me a break!

Regards, Todd Stahlhut

P.S. Am I out of line here or does this seem strange ???

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