Re: AAROFLEX letter

From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 03:51:20 EET

>> The letter suggests that because
>> stereolithography is used by some to describe RP in general,
>> that the users group, focused on 3D Systems technology,
>> is doing something wrong in using the term.
>> P.S. Am I out of line here or does this seem strange ???
>Sounds like a case of StereoEnvy to me.
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Or SLAnder (not to be confused with the word slander which of course has a
completely different meaning)?

But I do have a more serious question. Is the 3DS NASUG a closed shop? Could
I, as someone both not North American and no longer a user of SLA, gain
access to this forthcoming meeting?

If the answer to the second question is no then surely its a little unfair
to use rp-ml to broadcast this event.

If the answer was yes, then maybe AAROFLEX should consider sending one or
more of their representatives and cease this endless bickering about names.

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