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Date: Sun Dec 01 1996 - 14:08:23 EET

Before I get blasted about a mis-spelling the word futer should read future!
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Sorry but there is no trade mark on the name stereolithography or StereoLithography. As it turns out the name of a process cannot be trademarked. For those of who could not attend the N.A.S.U.G. meeting the name has been changed to:

3D Systems North American Stereolithography User Group.

This may resolve futer questions on this topic.

Karl Denton

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To: rp_send_mail; Stahlhut, Todd A.
Subject: Re: AAROFLEX letter

On an historical perspective, 3D Systems name has always been
StereoLithography and I believe was trademarked as such.
^ ^ (note the capital S and L)

I believe that stereolithography (note all lower case) is not
trademarked. I just looked at some of my material from the
early days of 3D, and the above appears to be the case.

It appears that AAROFLEX is trying to blow smoke on the issues
between them and 3D!

Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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