RE: Current RP System Prices

From: Steve Stewart (
Date: Fri Feb 21 1997 - 21:11:22 EET

On Fri, 21 Feb 1997, Derek Smith wrote:

>Check with 3D Systems, they have just announced the SLA250/30 for a
>competitive price of $99,000 (or $99,900). A far cry from 1994's $220,000
>in your list. This illustrates how quickly our industry is changing. Like
>the computer industry, who can keep track of everything that is happening?
>Great job on collecting this information and sharing it with the list.
>This new 250 price offering should shake things up a bit, and has major
>implications for the market. For example, what will other suppliers do to
>stay competitive (ie lowering prices, improving processes and machines), how
>this will impact their R&D capability, etc.


Before you get too excited about this machine and its effect on "the
market" and others "staying competitive", you need to realize that this
machine comes with Epoxy resin and a 20 mw laser. We have had our 250
since 1990 and, since we changed to epoxy (SL 5170), we generally consider
our 45 mw laser _dead_ (useless) when it gets down to about 16 mw. This
special price on this machine may look too good to be true for a very good

Just my $.02....

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